Quaker Run-In Sheds….. These Run-In Sheds are delivered completely finished and ready to use immediately, and are perfect to set in your pasture as a secondary shelter for your horses or livestock. Add a tack or storage room for your hay, bedding and supplies.

Additional Information


  • 7′-3” high back wall, 8′-3” high front wall, 16” front overhang, 4” back and gable overhangs
  • Foundation: Pressure treated 6×6 base with heavy duty tow hooks
  • Tack Room Doors & Windows: 3×7 entry door, 24×28 wooden window
  • Tack Room Floor Joist: 2×4-12” on center pressure treated
  • Tack Room Flooring: 3/4” thick pressure treated flooring plywood (real plywood, not particle board)
  • Tack Room Partition wall with grill, hay rack or solid wall
  • Walls: Oak framing, 4′ high oak kickboards in run-in area
  • Rafters: 2×4-16” on center notched with gussets, 5/12 roof pitch
  • Roof: 30 year architectural shingles with felt paper.
  • No extra charge for Metal roof with bubble insluation
  • Run-In sheds are standard with no doors or windows
  • Vents: Gable vents are standard. Ridge vents available for additional charge
  • We use real plywood, No OSB or Particle Board is used on any of our buildings

Additional Features That Can Be Added:

  • Add a partition wall
  • Add windows or doors
  • Add chew guards on corners and run-in openings
  • Electrical package
  • Cupolas and weather vanes
  • Door in partition wall