Rancher Horse Barns….. Standard with a 10′ front overhang, the Rancher Horse Barn features additional shelter for your horses or for yourself. These Barns are delivered to your site with the stalls finished and the overhang is shipped inside the building in kit form. The overhang is then finished on site by our construction crew, or you can do it yourself.

Additional Information


  • 7′-3” high back wall, 10′-3” high front wall, 10′ front overhang, 4” back and gable overhangs
  • 6×6 pressure treated overhang posts
  • Foundation: Pressure treated 6×6 base with heavy duty tow hooks
  • Stall Doors & Windows: 4×7 dutch door, 24×28 window with grill
  • Tack Room Doors & Windows: 3×7 entry door, 24×28 window
  • Tack Room Floor Joist: 2×6-12” on center pressure treated
  • Tack Room Flooring: 3/4” thick pressure treated flooring plywood (real plywood, not particle board)
  • Partition wall with grill, hay rack or solid wall
  • Walls: Oak framing, 4′ high oak kickboards in stalls
  • Rafters: 2×6-16” on center, 3/12 roof pitch
  • Roof: 30 year architectural shingles with felt paper.
  • No extra charge for Metal roof with bubble insluation
  • Vents: Gable vents are standard. Ridge vents available for additional charge
  • We use real plywood, No OSB or Particle Board is used on any of our buildings

Additional Features That Can Be Added:

  • Additional windows or doors
  • Add chew guards on corners and on top of kickboards
  • Electrical package
  • Cupolas and weather vanes
  • Door in partition wall
  • 24×36 drop vent